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Drain Cleaning

Drains are an essential part of your house. Drains are used in a wide variety of spaces, from your kitchen to your garage and all kinds of places in between. But, when they stop working correctly, they can cause a whole lot of hassle. That’s where drain cleaning can come in handy. Learn more about drain cleaning and why it’s crucial.

Clogged Drains


Typically, clogged drains happen when debris, like hair, food, and grease, are allowed to flow down into the drain and pipes. Over time, these materials can bunch up into the drain or connecting lines and cause it to become narrower and more challenging for water to flow through. In addition, in some homes, hard water with minerals in it can also contribute to a clogged drain as the minerals can build up against the walls of the drain and pipes.

Preventing Clogs

There are a few things that you can do to prevent a clog from occurring. One is that you should be careful what is allowed to go down the drain. For example, add a strainer or mesh covering to your drain to prevent solids from flowing down with the water. Another is to stop putting grease and oil down your drain. They may seem to be a liquid just like water, but they can harden up and trap other materials in them, contributing to a clog. 

Signs a Drain Needs to be Cleaned

An obvious sign that your drain needs to be cleaned is if it’s clogged up, but your pipes may need cleaning even if it’s not apparent. Here are some signs that your drain needs attention:

●      Water is slow to go down the drain
●      There is a bad smell coming from the drain
●      The drain gets clogged up often

Ignoring these signs can result in problems down the road.

Benefits of Drain Cleaning

There are a few benefits to being proactive with your drain cleaning rather than waiting until you start to see a problem. One is that it helps to keep your plumbing system running smoothly. It keeps down on odors and eliminates the potential for conditions that could impact your family’s health. Another benefit is that it can help to prevent expensive plumbing repairs. Finally, it can usually work towards preventing clogs and backups from occurring. A sewer backup can be an absolute nightmare to handle. Adding drain cleaning to your regular home maintenance schedule is a great way to protect your investment in your home. 

Why Use a Professional Service?

Sure, there are bottles of chemicals that can be used to clean out drains, so why turn to the professionals? Yes, a bottle of drain cleaner can come in handy when your drain has a simple clog that needs to be dissolved, but there are times when it’s more beneficial to get a professional in to handle the job. These cleaners are often a short-term solution. Drain cleaning chemicals can sometimes damage your pipes and result in more problems than the initial solution. In addition, they may not be effective if you have a severe blockage that needs to be removed. 

You are dealing with a clog or other signs that your drains need to be cleaned? Jolly Plumbing is here to help! We have experience in cleaning just about every cloaked drain you can imagine. If you are experiencing any signs of a cloak, do not hesitate to call!


Common Drain Cleaning Service Questions


  • It is recommended, as it is one of the best ways to prevent clogs in the future, especially if your home is over 30 years old. We also recommend getting the drains cleaned when you first move into a new home. 


  • No, most store-bought drain cleaners use an acidic action that contains sulfuric acid and lye that will chew a small hole through the obstruction. They do not completely eliminate the clog, leaving a greater opportunity for the clog to come back. Many of these cleaners can be very harsh on your pipes and hazardous to your health. 


  • Yes and no, some clogs can be as minor as a hairball or a buildup of grease or soap scum. Yet, it can be risky to assume that all clogs are minor. They could indicate a more significant problem: root infiltration in the sewer line, broken or clogged sewer pipes, or blocked drain vents. If these problems aren't dealt with, they could present significant problems for your sewer system and start clogging every drain in your home.

Jolly Plumbing is your local plumbing and heating company. We promise to offer you upstanding customer service, experienced workers, and a job done right the first time. We offer affordable plumbing services to residential sites, so no matter the size of your job, we can handle it. Contact Jolly Plumbing today at 719-473-8545 for any of your plumbing problems.

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