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5 Signs of Hidden Plumbing Leaks

Leaks are easy to detect if you see the water. if you see water, just follow the drips, turn off the nearest shutoff valve, and either fix it or call your local Colorado Springs plumber. Water follows the path of least resistance, so there’s a good chance if you find evidence of a leak, water will travel that way again. But what if you can't see water? How do you know if there is a leaky pipe? The downside to having concealed pipes in a home is that sometimes the pipe leaks are difficult to notice. A minor leak could turn into a major issue and cause structural damage if hidden for too long. If you notice these five signs of hidden plumbing leaks, call our local Colorado Springs plumbers near you immediately. Give us a call today!


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Increased Water Bill

If you have been consistent with your water routine, your bill should maintain a consistent range. However, a constant leak will cause your bill to increase. If you want to verify whether or not you have a leak before you call our nearby plumbers, you may want to complete the water meter test. However, even if you still are not sure if you have a leak after the test, call Jolly Plumbing & Heating to verify.

Mold Growth Beyond Shower Walls

Occurrences of mold on walls that are not your shower wall are a sure sign there is resident moisture lurking behind the wall. Pipes hide in dark places, and a leaking pipe creates a moist area which is a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Leaky showerheads can be a problem, but a leak in the wall is more of an issue.

Unusual Smells

If you notice musty or damp smells coming from the walls or floors, but do not notice any discoloration or see any moisture saturation resulting in mold growth, you may have a very well-hidden leak.

Discoloration on Walls, Ceiling, Floors

It is good practice to routinely inspect walls, ceilings, and floors for any structural or color changes. If you notice any of these changes, then it is highly likely a constant water leak is causing the problem.

Leaking Sounds

If you are hearing a constant “hiss” or “drip” coming from toilets, faucets, shower heads, or somewhere in the wall, and it does not stop when you tighten the handle, you definitely have a leak on your hands. Sometimes your toilet will make a hissing noise, or the toilet will leak, or constantly run. If you have any of these issues and are unsure how to fix them, call our Colorado Springs emergency plumbing services team right away.

What To Do If You Have a Plumbing Leak

If there are supply lines or appliances around the suspect area, check them carefully for rips or splits, unattached hoses, or anything else that looks like it could cause a plumbing leak. If everything looks right, turn on the water (or water-using appliance), making sure you can turn it off again quickly just in case. Check for leaks (you may need to wait a few minutes), and turn everything back off. If you see drips, put a bowl or bucket to catch the water, then trace that drip back to where it came from. Once you know what’s leaking, you can fix it yourself or call our Colorado Springs team for plumbing services.

If you do not see anything at the time, it might just be a slow leak. Check on it daily to see if drips fall when you’re not looking. If you have no drips after a week or so, the leak might have been taken care of. Perhaps the leak only appears when it rains. Jolly Plumbing offers a terrific assortment of water alarms if you want to be notified exactly when the leak reappears. Continue to check every so often and mention it to our Colorado plumbing professionals the next time you see them.

Please keep in mind that because you cannot identify a leak yourself, doesn’t always mean you don’t have one. Listen to your gut and look at the evidence. If you feel something isn’t right, your water bill suddenly shoots up, your water meter seems to be running a marathon, or you hear running water when nothing is on and can’t find the reason, don’t wait, call your trusted local Colorado Springs plumber near you right away! Not all leaks are easily visible or leave obvious clues. Some leaks, like ones under a home, may manifest as a warm spot under your feet that hasn’t been there before, or a yard that suddenly has squishy places. These sorts of leaks require a licensed plumber quickly. If you notice any of these signs in your home, you need to call Jolly Plumbing & Heating, Inc. at (719) 473-8545 and have a professional plumber properly identify the source of the leak and fix the problem before any more damage occurs.

Contact an Experienced Colorado Springs Plumbing Company Near You

The steps above are simply some things you can do as the homeowner to find and fix a leak, but if you are uncomfortable doing anything listed above, our team of highly qualified Colorado Springs plumbers is ready to jump in and take care of any needs you may have. Give us a call today!

Jolly Plumbing is your local plumbing and heating company. We promise to offer you upstanding customer service, experienced workers, and a job done right the first time. If you have questions about your water heater, have a leak, or need a replacement, we are here to help. Call Jolly Plumbing today for any Colorado Springs plumbing issues.


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