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5 Things Your Plumber Wishes you Didn’t Do

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

It’s a huge hassle and very inconvenient to deal with a clogged plumbing issue in your home, whether your toilet is clogged, or your entire plumbing system is clogged. However, there are numerous ways to prevent this from happening. As your local plumber, we have compiled a list of tips for you so that you can prevent those plumbing headaches.

  • The top thing your plumber wishes you wouldn’t do is treat your toilet like a garbage can. Although many products these days claim that they are “flushable,” it’s not always the best idea to flush them down the toilet. Things like feminine care products, makeup remover pads, kitty litter, personal cleaning wipes, etc., should never go down the toilet. Avoid putting anything in the toilet besides toilet paper, and even when it comes to toilet paper, choose

wisely. Don’t buy the brands that are extremely thick and fluffy, they aren’t any better for your plumbing than the previously listed items.

  • Another common mistake that we see is when homeowners use different chemicals and products like Drano to fix and unclog our common plumbing issues. Aside from the fact that Drano and other similar products are dangerous for us to handle, they don’t really resolve the issue. They will semi-clear out the blockage but not completely, and sometimes they can even damage or ruin the pipes. This is something that could end up costing you even more money down the road. When in doubt, call a plumber.

  • Another tip to watch out for is overestimating the ability and lifespan of your water heater. There is a common misconception that once you purchase a water heater once, you will never have to buy another one. This isn’t the case however: your water heater has an average lifespan of about 8-12 years. If you want to avoid having a major flood and having to emergency call a plumber, check the date on your water heater. Make sure it’s within the 8-12-year span, but know that when it gets to this age, it could go at any moment. Big ticket items like this are good to keep in your budget for emergencies.

  • Lastly, don’t overload your garbage disposal. So many people use the garbage disposal as a trash can as well, and it causes more damage than you think. There is a method when using your garbage disposal, only put down small amounts at a time, while running cold water. In addition, don’t put grease or fibrous foods down the drain, like celery or artichokes, they will most likely cause a blockage.

Plumbing issues are never fun, and they always seem to happen at the worst times. There are many things we can do as homeowners to help keep our plumbing issues to a minimum, but know when you need to call for a professional. If you’re in the Colorado Springs area, call Jolly Plumbing!

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