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Benefits of High-Pressure Drain Cleaning

A clogged drain can be a real problem. Are your drains starting to smell? Have you noticed that your sink or shower takes a long time to drain? Or that it stops up and you need to use an over-the-counter chemical product to get it running again. These are all signs that you have a clogged line in your plumbing or a clog is starting to form. While there are a number of ways to deal with it, either on your own or professionally, there is one way that you may not have considered. High-pressure drain cleaning is not as widely thought of when it comes to clearing lines, but it offers plenty of benefits over the other options.


One benefit of utilizing high-pressure draining cleaning is that it is one of the quickest methods of clearing debris that can clog your pipes. Some methods of clearing up your lines can take a long period of time, waiting for a clog to dissolve in chemicals or trying to push or pull the materials to loosen it up. Utilize hydro-jetting or high-pressure cleaning blasts the debris out of place at a rapid pace.

Safe for the Environment

Have you thought about the chemicals you dump down the drain when you get a small clog? These chemicals can be effective in removing minor blockages, but often over time, they stop becoming effective, and another method needs to be used to get rid of the clog. Plus, these chemicals can be harmful to your pipes if you use them all the time as they can be corrosive. In addition, these chemicals can be bad for the environment. Skipping them and opting for high-pressure cleaning can be the most environmentally sound choice. High-pressure cleaning sprays water into your pipes rather than toxic materials.


Several methods are used for removing clogs in your pipes, but they aren’t as effective as hydro-jetting. High-pressure drain cleaning removes all of the debris that can sometimes be left behind by chemical drain cleaners, augers, and snakes. After these other methods, there can be oils, fats, and other materials still in the pipe. Over time, they may start to grow again, leaving you in the same situation you were previously with a clog. High-pressure cleaning removes all of these materials, letting you refresh your plumbing completely.


On top of all of the other benefits that come from using high-pressure drain cleaning, the cost is the cherry on top. It’s more cost-effective compared to the other methods. Both small and large clogs can cost a lot of money to be cleared using a snake, auger, or different methodology. They can be time-consuming and require specific equipment from your plumbing service. Thanks to the quick and efficient use of high-powered hydro-jets, it’s often easier on the checkbook.

Are you facing clogged pipes in your home? Then, you should consider high-pressure drain cleaning today. In fact, even homes that have lines that aren’t causing problems can benefit from regular maintenance like drain cleaning to help keep everything draining as it should. Contact the professionals at Jolly Plumbing today to discuss your drain cleaning needs and whether your home can benefit from high-pressure draining cleaning.

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