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Facts About Plumbers

Plumbing and plumbers may not seem like something exciting or be a fascinating subject to anyone outside of the plumbing industry, but you’d be surprised to find out that there are some fun facts about plumbing and plumbers.

  • Who do you think are the most famous plumbers in the world? If you guessed fictional Mario and Luigi, you’d be right. Thanks to the many Super Mario Brothers games, novelties, shows, movies, and more, the whole world has heard of this famous plumbing duo.

  • While many Americans have started to see the benefits of using a bidet, the Japanese have perfected the art of the smart toilet. In fact, they have toilets that are remote controlled for rinsing, drying, and flushing. Some play music, offer aromatherapy, and more. It makes sense to have an intelligent toilet when you think about the following fact.

  • It’s estimated that the average person spends about three years of their life sitting on the toilet.

  • When a clog happens, do you use the same type of plunger for your toilet and your sinks? There are actually two types of plungers, and each works best for a particular use. Plungers that are flat on the bottom are meant to be used on sinks because it creates a tight seal for suction to work on removing the clog. Plungers that have a bell-shaped base are meant for toilets as it tightly fits into the bottom of the toilet to create the same type of seal.

  • The first indoor bathroom in a United States Hotel was in the Tremont Hotel of Boston.

  • A slowly dripping faucet at two drips per minute will waste a gallon of water in one week.

  • More toilets are flushed during the halftime of the Super Bowl.

  • Have you ever heard of a little show called Game of Thrones? Kit Harrington, who played Jon Snow, is the direct descendant of John Harrington. Thanks to John Harrington, everyone has a flushing toilet, also known as a “john” in their homes because he invented it hence the nickname. Kit Harrington really was the heir to the throne, so to speak. Toilets are also nicknamed “crappers” because a man named Thomas Crapper helped make them more mainstream.

  • In fiction, some bathroom deaths are somewhat memorable. Most notably, that scene in Jurassic Park when the lawyer is hiding in the bathroom when the T-Rex arrives and eats him right off of the toilet. In real life, there have been many notable deaths in the bathroom, including Elvis, Judy Garland, and King George the II.

  • Did you know that there’s a reason why manhole covers are circles rather than another shape? Being a circle, they can be raised up on their side and not fall into the hole.

  • As far back as 3,000 B.C., people were using plumbing systems. In the Indus River Valley Civilization, water and waste were piped in and out using earthen pipes. These pipes were typically made out of straw and clay that were baked.

We hope you enjoyed these fun facts about our chosen profession. Need a plumber? Contact our service today to discuss any questions or concerns you may have about your plumbing.

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