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How Much Can a Dripping Faucet Cost You in A Month On Your Water Bill?

You’ve noticed that your faucet has started to drip. It doesn’t seem like a bad leak, so you don’t think too much about it. But, then, your water bill comes. Will you notice the increase? Do you know how much a dripping faucet can cost you in a month on your water bill? Let’s break down the math behind the cost of a dripping faucet.

Wasted Water Math

You hear a drip, drip, drip coming from your bathroom. You go back in and turn the handle to get it to stop. It might stop for a little, and then slowly, the dripping starts back up again. Let’s put an estimated price tag on how much this drip is costing you over time. Most slow drips will release about ten drips a minute, give or take. At that rate, you’ll see about a gallon of water wasted per day, which equals about 29 gallons of water in a month. The cost of this gallon-a-day-drip is about $1.00, depending on the price of water in your area. Sure, that doesn’t sound too bad, but that slow drip could be costing you an extra $12.00 a year while also wasting water, one of our most precious non-renewable resources.

What happens to the math if that drip is more steady and faster? Your faucet could be leaking an estimated 120 drops every minute. That increases the total of water wasted in a day to 11 gallons. That’s about 330 gallons in a month. So that $1.00 a month goes up to around $6.00 a month. That’s about $72 for a year of drips.

Multiply It

Overall, will you notice that your water bill has increased a few dollars a month? Unfortunately, for one leaky faucet, you may not see it. Instead, you may write it off as your extra time in the shower after that awful day at work or your kids playing with the sprinklers on a hot summer day.

It may not seem like a lot in the short term, but when you multiply that over the period it took for you to notice the leak and get it fixed, it can really add up. Plus, if you have one dripping faucet, there’s always the possibility that you may have other areas in your home where water is being wasted.

If one faucet is dripping, there’s a good possibility if they were installed simultaneously, other faucets are leaking water. Your showerhead could be a potential dripping water waster. The toilet could be even another drag on your water bill if it runs slow, has a leak, or other issues. Leaking pipes can be a hidden water bill bomb just waiting to go off. If one fast leak costs you $72 a year, then several problem water wasters could double or even triple that amount.

The professionals at Jolly Plumbing can help you identify and fix all places where you are wasting water in your home. Call us to help can also help you pinpoint areas where you could be saving even more water.

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