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How to Fix a Leaky Showerhead

A leaky showerhead can be a real drag. In some cases, you may notice that your showerhead leaks when your shower isn’t on or that your water pressure is suffering from the leaks. Not only do you miss out on having a great shower experience, often when you need it the most, but you may end up opening a shocking water bill from the utility company. Having a leak in your shower shouldn’t make you immediately toss out the offending showerhead. Instead, there’s a good chance that a simple minor fix will help put an end to the leak.

Clean the Showerhead

One of the first things you should consider doing when your showerhead’s performance isn’t what it used to be is to clean the showerhead. It’s possible that it’s leaking because the nozzles that let the water out of the showerhead have been clogged up. Minerals in your water can build up in the showerhead and block the holes. You’ll want to mix equal parts vinegar and hot water or a specialty cleaner like CLR and let the showerhead soak in it. You can either take your showerhead down to put it into a bowl or fill up a baggy and rubber band it around the showerhead so that the showerhead is immersed in the mixture. Rinse off the mixture, and your showerhead should be clear of any clogs. Remember to turn off the water to your shower if you plan on removing it using the closest water shutoff valve.

Connections and Seals

You may find that a clogged showerhead isn’t what is causing your leak. It’s possible that the connection or the seal for your showerhead is the root of your problem. You may need to check the o-ring or washer that’s inside the showerhead. Over time, they can get smashed or damaged in such a way that they are no longer watertight. Replacing damaged o-rings and washers could possibly fix your leak. You may also find that you need to re-wrap some plumber’s tape around the threads of the showerhead and thread it back in. The threads may not have been threaded correctly, or the previous tape may have been damaged, which led to a showerhead leak. It’s possible that the threads themselves were damaged, so either the stem of the faucet needs replaced, or you can invest in a new showerhead. When removing the showerhead, don’t forget to turn off the water to your shower.

Consider a New Showerhead

If your leaking showerhead is old, you may be able to fix the leak, but it also may be time to invest in a newer showerhead. Are you keeping your old showerhead because you like that it has good water pressure and worry that a newer and more efficient showerhead won’t be the same? You shouldn’t worry, as many of the newer showerheads are designed to not only help save water but to have wonderfully intense water pressure.

These tips should help you find and fix the leak in your showerhead. However, if you’re still noticing a leak or would like a professional opinion, you can contact our plumbers at Jolly Plumbing today. Our professional staff can help you identify where the problem is occurring in your shower and get it fixed.

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