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Prepare Your Plumbing for Summer

Updated: Oct 17

Summer Plumbing Prep

Even though the weather in Colorado can’t seem to decide weather is summer or the dead of winter sometimes, it’s still the time of year to start thinking about your plumbing. Home upkeep and maintenance is a continual task and as the snow starts to melt off of your roof and the lawn begins to come back to life the aesthetics of your home are probably the first thing that jump to your mind. Before you run out to grab the lawnmower, think about the plumbing in and around your home that has probably taken a beating this winter. Follow the steps below for some easy tips on how to inspect your homes plumbing and prepare for the summer ahead. 1) Check your faucets inside and outside the home. Since you use your faucets every day it may be difficult to notice a gradual change in water pressure, but take this opportunity to look critically at the pressure and whether or not it settles out after a few seconds. If the pressure remains low it could signify a leak in the system. 2) Make sure your gutters and storm drains are clear. All of your gutters should be cleared of debri like leaves and dirt that can gather up with melting snow. Check the integrity of the downspouts and determine if they are draining towards the street or into your yard where they could create swampy areas. 3) Check the exposed plumbing. This goes for pipes running through the basement, crawlspace and any pipes outside the home. What you are looking for is anything obvious that would suggest leaks or a rupture in the system. One of those signs is moisture from a leaking pipe creating a patch or moss or mold. Sometimes we can’t see the leak directly but that does not mean it isn’t there. 4) Check all of the toilets for leaks. There is a pretty simple test most people in the plumbing industry can do using food coloring or some other type of liquid pigment. Lift the tank cover off and put a half dozen drops of your chosen color in. If after a few minutes you are seeing that same color start to bleed into the bowl then you most definitely have a leak. The next step after this would be to get the flapper replaced, which we do not recommend you do on your own. Give us a call here at Jolly Plumbing and we will make sure the correct flapper is installed in such a way to prevent future leaks and keep your toilet from running. 5) Flush your water heater. If you are comfortable doing this yourself then we recommend doing a full flush of your water heating system. This process is generally pretty quick and will remove any buildup that has collected over time. The steps above are simply some things you can do as the homeowner to prepare for summer, but if you are uncomfortable doing anything listed above our team of highly qualified plumbers is ready to jump in and take care of any needs you may have. Give us a call today!

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