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Signs It May Be Time to Replace Your Garbage Disposal

Updated: Nov 4, 2022

As much as we would like them to, appliances, unfortunately, do not last forever. In the case of garbage disposals, it can be difficult to know if a unit needs to be repaired or completely replaced. If your disposal displays any of the following signs, it may be time for a replacement.

  1. Frequent clogging: If your unit clocks often, even with normal, manufacturer-approved use, it is probably time for a new disposal. Ways you can take care of your disposal and prevent against clogging include only disposing of food items approved by your manufacturer, feeding food items into the unit slowly and in small pieces, and running water during and after use.

  2. Frequent resets required: It is not uncommon for you to have to press the reset button on your unit after clogs or heavy use. With that being said, if you find yourself having to reset your unit after most uses, the motor could be exhibiting signs of imminent failure.

  3. Your unit smells bad: Does your unit emit a foul odor that simply will not go away? Try feeding your unit ice cubes, citrus peels, dish soap, and baking soda and vinegar. If the smell still remains, the source may be the unit itself or your drain lines.

  4. Dull blades: Does your disposal take an unusually long time to grind food and clog easily? Your disposal’s blades have likely lost their sharp edge.

  5. Your unit leaks: While many leaks in drain or dishwasher lines can be repaired easily by tightening connections or replacing O-rings, some other leaks can be far more complex and expensive to fix. If you are experiencing a leak in your sink flange or in another area of your disposal, it may cost less to replace your disposal rather than repair it.

  6. You are replacing your dishwasher or sink: If you are updating your kitchen sink or dishwasher, it may be a good idea to have your disposal replaced during the process. While this is not always necessary, it may be worth it to replace your unit while you have professionals on site instead of waiting for it to fail later – especially if your unit is more than 10 years old.

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