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Top Tips for Getting Your Home Ready for Fall

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

As we work our way through August, the fall months are just right around the corner. The leaves will be changing, the air will be cooling, and winter will be following shortly. Even though it’s still summer, there are plenty of home maintenance things you can do to get your home ready for the changing fall weather. You never want to be unprepared in Colorado, especially as winter approaches.

Exterior Maintenance: Starting with the outside of your home, there are several items that you can take care of now, so that you will be ready for when the weather changes.

  • Roof Inspection: Inspecting your roof is very important, as it will save your home from thousands of dollars’ worth of damage in the future. If you are able to do so safely, get a ladder and climb on the roof to do a simple inspection. If you don’t have a ladder, you can get a pair of binoculars and look at your roof from your yard. Keep an eye out for loose or damaged shingles, as these could potentially cause a hole or leak in your roof.

  • Chimney and Fireplace: Another important item to check in the same vicinity is the chimney and the fireplace. If you have a wood burning fireplace, and you tend to use it a lot, this is a good opportunity to have it inspected. This is a job to call a professional for, they will come to inspect and clean out the chimney to ensure it is safe to use this winter.

  • Gutters and Water Drainage: Theses two items are very important to inspect regularly, as this will save your home from damage due to the extreme weather that Colorado faces during the fall and winter. You can either hire a professional, or clean the gutters yourself. When cleaning the gutters, it’s important to make sure they are free of all leaves, debris, and any nests that might have been built during the Spring and Summer months. For the water drainage, it’s imperative to make sure that your downspouts are obstruction free. Double check that the downspouts are also pointed away from any foundations, driveways, and walkways.

Interior Maintenance: Once you’ve secured that the outside of your home is ready for the fall and winter months, it’s time to work on the inside. There are a few key things to check that can help make a world of difference for you this fall.

  • Furnace Inspection: The first thing is to have your furnace inspected. Hire an HVAC professional to come out and test your furnace. They should test it for leaks, heating efficiency, and change the filter. Having the furnace inspected might seem like a hassle, or not necessary, but it’s better to have it checked now, then to need to replace it in the middle of winter. You can never be over prepared!

  • Check for Drafts: An easy check you can do yourself is to walk around your home and check for drafts. There are a few diverse ways you can do this, but an easy one is to use a candle. Light a stick candle, and walk by all the doors and windows in your home while they are closed. If you the candle lights flickers when you are next to any certain door or window, chances are there is a draft. This is an easy fix and just requires some caulking or re-sealing around the door or window. Doing this will make sure that your home is properly sealed for the upcoming cooler months.

  • Safety Devices: Another great preparation tip for the fall and winter months is to check all the safety features in your home. Check and test your smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, and any other important safety features in your home. It’s always good to check these things at least twice a year: once going in to summer, and another time going in to the winter.

Overall, preparing your home for fall isn’t too complicated and shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. These simple tips are meant to give you ideas on areas of your home that might need to be checked and fixed up prior to the cold Colorado months rolling in. If you are ever unsure about a potential problem in your home, you can always call on an experienced, trustworthy professional.

Jolly Plumbing and Heating has been serving Colorado Springs since 1995. We offer full plumbing, heating, and water heater services for residential homes and commercial buildings. Contact us today for any of your questions or requests!

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