Toilet Installation

Is it time for your toilet to be replaced?


If so, there is another decision to make: hire a professional or do-it-yourself. If you want to ensure that your broken toilet is replaced and a new one is installed correctly, then you should hire a professional. Replacing an old toilet may sound like a simple venture, but it’s much more complex than most people think. It is important to hire a professional to install a new toilet because there are a few key components you could miss or not get connected correctly, if you did it on your own.

Toilet Installation Process

Here is what the process of a basic toilet installation looks like, and what Jolly Plumbing can do for you!

  1. Turn off the Water to the Toilet: Step number one is very crucial. Miss this step, and you will have a very big mess! Behind the toilet there is a small valve—either a gate valve or a ¼ turn valve—this is where we will turn off the water.

  2. Flush the Toilet: The next step is to flush the toilet. When a plumber does this, they flush and hold down the handle until water no longer refills the tank and bowl. It’s important that during this step, the water does not continue to refill the toilet, because this would indicate something is wrong with the shutoff valve.

  3. Remove all the Water: This part sounds simple; however, it can be difficult if you don’t have the proper tools. To remove the remainder of the water from the tank and bowl, its best to have a shop vac. With a shop vac, we will be able to remove about 99% of the water from the tank and bowl, however there will always be a little water that we aren’t able to get out. (A professional will have proper tools for cleanup in case of a spill.)

  4. Disconnect the Supply Tube: The Supply Tube needs to be disconnected from the shutoff valve. This step will create some water spillage, but it is nothing to worry about.

  5. Remove Nuts from the Toilet Bolts: These can be found under the plastic caps located on the top of your toilet.

  6. Remove the Toilet: During this step, it is possible to make a mess, or damage the floor surrounding the toilet. The toilet has a sealant around the base, connecting it to the floor; this needs to be cut. If you’ve hired a professional, this is where you can rest easy that your bathroom floor will not be ruined by installing a new toilet. As a plumbing professional, Jolly Plumbing will have the proper tools and knowledge to remove the toilet.

  7. Installation of New Toilet Bolts: Whether you have a cast iron toilet flange, or a plastic one, it’s important to be careful when it gets removed in order to install the new bolts.

  8. Assemble the New Toilet: The assembly of the new toilet will vary, depending on the type, and brand of toilet you purchased. We will be able to assemble the toilet for you, and take this worry off your hands.

    1. Tighten the Tank: This step is critical because the tank needs to be perfectly perpendicular with the bowl. Everything needs to be level and set on properly.

  9. Dry Fitting onto the Flange: This is a test fitting to make sure that the toilet sits properly on the floor, and not on the flange.

  10. Secure the Toilet to the Flange

    1. Lower the Toilet back onto the Flange

    2. Use the level on the Rim of the Toilet Bowl

  11. Install the Supply Tube: Reinstall the new supply tube.

  12. Carefully Turn the Water Back On: It is important to take this step slow, just in case something isn’t right with the fitting of the toilet.

  13. Finishing Up

    1. Put the Tank lid back on

    2. Fix and adjust the seat

    3. Cut the toilet bolts to correct length

    4. Bead of caulking: A bead of caulking to seal the deal!

Commercial Toilet Installation

For commercial buildings, toilet installation is largely the same process but has multiple toilets and stalls to service. For new construction, commercial toilet installation requires toilet partitions to be installed as well. Choose from metal, plastic, or stainless steel toilet partitions to complete the bathroom in your commercial building, whether it is an office building, a restaurant, a doctor’s office, and the like.


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