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Jolly Plumbing has been providing plumbing repair and construction to Colorado Springs since 1955. They are the top Colorado Springs plumbers to call when you have a plumbing issue.


With three generations of owners, we stand out in the community as a diligent company comprised of professionals who grew up in the plumbing industry. Our family-owned company makes it a point to provide personalized service with a highly trained staff that is able to diagnose a variety of issues and potential plumbing problems. All of our employees receive on-the-job training so that you can take full advantage of the Jolly Plumbing experience. Each of our professional plumbers also participates in an apprenticeship program to receive their license.

About Us

We're capable of completing minor and complex jobs the first time to ensure that the issue doesn't reoccur. We strive to exceed the expectations of each of our customers, and our longstanding working relationships prove that customers continue to be satisfied with our services and have a high level of trust in our staff.

Check out our plumbing Services page for more details, or contact us today!

We're known for being a company that stays updated on the latest plumbing practices and technology available in the industry. We also pride ourselves on our professional and reliable services while offering warranties, military discounts and senior discounts to our customers.

Our experience and knowledge will allow you to stay informed and help you learn to maintain and care for your plumbing system. We make it a point to follow the regulations of the Pikes Peak Regional Building Department as well as rules put in place by the Housing And Building Association Of Colorado Springs.

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