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Plumbing Services

Jolly Plumbing and Heating has been an affordable, local plumbing company in Colorado Springs since 1955. Over that period of 60+ years, we have become experts in plumbing leaks, repairs, installation, and maintenance for both residential homes and commercial businesses. We are an affordable plumbing company who can fix plumbing problems as small as a running toilet in your house, to as large as a busted pipe in your apartment complex.

As a licensed plumbing company, our services include installation and repair, maintenance, water heater services, faucets, pipes, new construction and remodeling, and more for residential and commercial sites.

Plumbing Services

Toilet repair and installation
Toilet Repair

Toilets are an average part of everyday life. Not much attention gets paid to the mundane toilet until it breaks. If you have a broken toilet and need a repair done by a professional plumber, Jolly Plumbing can fix it. We can fix a number of toilet issues, including fixing a clogged toilet, repairing a leaky toilet, and fixing a running toilet.


Toilet Installation

We also perform toilet installations for residential homes and commercial sites. We install toilets from the best brands in Colorado Springs and provide a one year warranty for each toilet installation that we do, so you never have to worry about something malfunctioning.


Faucet Repair & Replacement

Here at Jolly Plumbing, we can fix any damaged faucet in your home or your business. If you’re having problems with leaky faucets, dripping faucets, or broken faucets, we can help. We have the tools, the products, and the knowledge to repair and replace faucets wherever they appear, whether they are:

  • Kitchen Sink Faucets

  • Tub Faucets

  • Bathroom Sink Faucets

  • Outdoor Faucets

  • Or others

Broken faucets that leak or drip constantly can quickly add up to be a large utility bill. Faucets that run water without your knowledge can be wasteful and expensive, especially for a homeowner or business owner in Colorado Springs. If you have a damaged faucet, get it repaired or replaced today by Jolly Plumbing.



Pipe Repair & Replacement

Though they are hidden underground and behind walls, the pipes that line your building are very important. Frozen pipes, leaky pipes, or burst pipes can cause serious damage to your home or business and can be very expensive if left unrepaired. Luckily, Jolly Plumbing can identify issues, repair the pipes, and replace parts if they are too damaged before the dollar sign gets too big to handle. We also specialize in repairing and replacing Polybutylene Pipes click here for more information


Frozen Pipes

We’re all familiar with the harsh winter season that hits Colorado Springs. The ground gets hard, the snow piles up, the air gets cold. If your pipes are frozen, this means that the water inside is building up and being turned to ice. When water turns to ice, the volume of that water expands larger than it was in its liquid state. This means that the size of the ice gets bigger than the pipe itself, which can cause a pipe to burst. If you have frozen pipes or a burst pipe, call in our professional team of plumbers immediately to repair and replace the issue.


Leaky Pipes

If you notice condensation building up on your pipes or any pools of water that have collected nearby, this is a sign that your pipes are leaking, and need immediate attention. Leaky Pipes can cause long term water damage and pipe damage. Luckily, Jolly Plumbing has all the proper tools to repair leaking pipes and replace them if necessary.


Drain Cleaning

We all know how inconvenient plumbing problems can be, and a clogged drain is no exception. Whether that clogged drain is somewhere in the bathroom, the kitchen, the laundry room or anywhere else in your home, it has a way of ruining your day. At Jolly Plumbing, we have the expertise needed to get any drain cleaned in no time. Do you need routine drain maintenance? We can do that, too; just give us a call to learn more about how we can help you. 


Sink Installation

You have plenty of options when it comes to buying a sink. You can purchase sinks at many hardware stores, online, or through us. Purchasing the sink is the easy part, but when it comes to installing a sink in your home or commercial building, it should probably be done by a professional plumbing company. Jolly Plumbing makes sure that every sink is properly installed and connected to all of the right water lines and pipes. We can install kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, outdoor sinks, laundry room sinks, commercial bathroom sinks, and more. Plus, all of our installation jobs come with a one-year warranty, ensuring that your new sink is protected and working correctly.



Garbage Disposal Repair & Replacement

There are many things that can go wrong with your garbage disposal. If your garbage disposal is clogged, smelling, leaking, or isn’t processing waste, this may be an indicator that you need to get it inspected. We can professionally repair and replace garbage disposals and make sure that your sink is equipped to handle everything that comes its way.



Sump Pump

Many residential homes have sump pumps in their basements or crawl spaces here in Colorado Springs. The sump pumps are designed to collect any incoming water from a storm or leak and funnel that water into a more appropriate location, like a storm drain or a dry well. Sump pumps prevent your basement from flooding, a situation that every homeowner dreads. To prevent your basement from flooding, give Jolly Plumbing a call and ask about our sump pump installation services. We install sump pumps at residential and commercial locations, as well as provide repair, replacement, and maintenance services to existing sump pumps. If you have an outdated sump pump, it might be time to get it inspected to ensure that it will protect your home from being flooded the next time it storms in Colorado Springs.

Kitchen faucet
pipe repair and replacement
faucet and sink installation
garbage disposal

Jolly Plumbing is your local plumbing and heating company. We promise to offer you upstanding customer service, experienced workers, and a job done right the first time. We offer affordable plumbing services to both residential and commercial sites, so no matter the size of your job, we can handle it. Contact Jolly Plumbing today for any of your plumbing problems.

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