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Frozen Pipe Repair 

A frozen pipe is not a single, isolated issue.  In fact, it can cause multiple home maintenance catastrophes if left unchecked.  Even a one-eighth of an inch crack in a pipe can release upwards of 250 gallons of water every day.  This amount of water goes beyond flooding by also causing tremendous structural damage and the growth of mold.


Pipes can freeze in both cold and warm climates, as over a quarter of a million families are affected by frozen pipes each winter. There are even more severe cases in Colorado Springs, since we live in such a cold climate in the winter time. January hits and the ground freezes—this is a commonly known situation for homeowners and businesses in the area.  This US statistic is far too large, since the damage of a frozen pipe can often be prevented.


Here are 4 common signs of frozen pipes that you can look out for in your home:

1. It’s Freezing Outside

Your pipes will only freeze if it is cold enough outdoors.  When the temperature begins to hover around or below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, you should start preventative action to keep them from freezing.

2.The Pipes Exhibit Frost

If you have visual access to the pipe, check for accumulated frost around the pipe.  Pipes that can commonly be seen are those in your kitchen or bathroom areas.  If you suspect the pipe may be frozen, check the pipe before turning on the faucet.

3. Water Isn’t Coming Out

If you turn the faucet on and nothing happens, you may have a frozen pipe.  Additionally, if the faucet only releases a small trickle of water, the pipes leading to the faulty sink may be frozen.

4. Unusual Odors

Finally, if the faucet or drain is releasing strange smells, the pipe is likely partially or completely blocked.  When pipes are blocked, the only way for smells to come back up is through the faucet or drain.  This causes your smaller rooms like restrooms to be filled with an unpleasant odor.

Frozen pipe needing frozen pipe repair

What to do if You Suspect a Frozen Pipe

If you notice any of these signs, act quickly.  When a water emergency like a leaking pipe occurs, you need a professional plumbing service to fully handle the situation.  From small annoyances to large-scale issues, water leaks are a common problem that many homeowners in Colorado deal with annually.  During winter weather conditions, the water in your pipes may freeze, this may cause burst pipes.  This causes blockage and can potentially crack your pipe.  As the ice thaws, you may start to notice changes in water flow or leaking in certain areas of your home. 


We have the tools and equipment necessary to detect the location of the leak in your home.  We have an experienced team of trained professionals who know exactly how to patch the leak as quickly as possible to stop the unwanted flow of water.  Finding the leak early saves you from spending money on costly structural repairs to your home due to water damage.


Your home contains hundreds of feet of water pipes running throughout every room.  If anyone of those pipes starts leaking, it could lead to costly water waste and expensive repairs.  If you suspect a leak or a burst pipe in your home, do not wait to call a professional. 


Contact Us


At Jolly Plumbing, we can take care of any leak in your home.  We have experience working with plastic, copper, and galvanized piping in various buildings.  If you are experiencing issues due to frozen pipes, and need frozen pipe repair, turn off your main water shut-off valve and call for help right away. If there is a situation where we are not able to get to you right away like in the video clip below from koaa a space heater might help thaw some pipes. But depending on the situation it's best to just give us a call anyway, we can provide you with tips that could better help your particular situation. 

Jolly Plumbing is your local plumbing and heating company. We promise to offer you upstanding customer service, experienced workers, and a job done right the first time. We offer affordable plumbing services to both residential and commercial sites, so no matter the size of your job, we can handle it. Contact Jolly Plumbing today at 719-473-8545 for any of your plumbing problems.

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