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Outdoor Faucet Replacement

Leaks of any kind in your home plumbing can spell trouble for the water pressure, as well as your utility bills. One area you may not think about all that often is the outdoor faucet that you attach your hose during the warmer months of the year. These outdoor faucets can easily become corroded, and the rubber pieces inside them brittle if they are not properly taken care of. Luckily, repairs are easy and can usually be done by you. If anything more serious arises that would require an outdoor faucet replacement, our experienced Colorado Springs team is only a phone call away.

What Causes Outdoor Faucet Problems?

Outdoor faucets are exposed to the elements year-round, and during the summer months, they are used relentlessly to run sprinklers, water plants, and to fill swimming pools. All of this wear and tear, especially while being outside during freezing winter temperatures, will inevitably create leaks or cracks over time.


Colorado Springs Outdoor Faucet Replacement Near You

Here at Jolly Plumbing, we are experts in Colorado Springs outdoor faucet repair and replacement. We specialize in outdoor faucet installation, outdoor faucet replacement, faucet repair, and many other plumbing services so you can have a lifetime partner in the plumbing industry from start to finish. We have been in the plumbing and heating business since 1955 and stand by our excellent reputation

Whether you need a new faucet or have a leaking outdoor faucet, Jolly Plumbing can handle any job, any size. We service both residential as well as commercial properties, which means you get the same great customer service whether you are a Colorado Springs homeowner or a local business that requires more water capacity to serve your customers.

Outdoor Faucet Repair

If your faucet is simply dripping when you turn it on, there is actually a very simple process you can use to repair and tighten the spigot. If the issue becomes larger, or you are uncomfortable doing the repair on your own you can always schedule our team for a repair call. In order to fix an outside water faucet:

  1. Turn off the inline valve that controls the water line coming into the faucet, or simply shut off the main water supply for the house.

  2. Unscrew the nut under the handle of the faucet. Since the hardware can become corroded over time, you will likely need to use a lubricant and a pair of pliers.

  3. Once the nut is off, you can pull the valve out of the faucet housing. Using a Philips head screwdriver to pry off the washers and replace them as needed.

An outdoor faucet leak is usually attributed to a washer that has broken or become so brittle over the years it is no longer doing its part to stop the flow of water. If you have everything reassembled and the faucet is still leaking, then the problem may be coming from the handle. Repeat the same process as outlined above, except this time replace the washer at the bottom of the handle. Again, you may need a spray lubricant and a pair of pliers to get the hardware loose. We will caution you to not over tighten any part of the faucet assembly. While it may seem like tighter is better when it comes to plumbing, too much strain on the washers could break them or create the opposite effect, actually allowing more water to escape.

Outdoor Faucet Replacement


What do you do if you need to replace your outdoor faucet? If despite your best efforts, or the best efforts of your plumber to repair the leaking faucet, it may be time to install an outside faucet replacement. The metal on an outdoor faucet can become rusted, corroded, or even crack after years of use, making it impossible to repair by simply replacing the washers. On average, to replace an outdoor faucet will cost anywhere from $100 - $300, and once the new faucet is in hand, the installation process is fairly quick. Outdoor faucet replacement can be complicated if you lack the right tools or knowledge to complete the job, especially if the leak becomes a deeper problem that affects the indoor plumbing as well. For helpful service and a knowledgeable team, contact Jolly Plumbing!

Outdoor Faucet Replacement Questions

Is A Hose Bib and Spigot The Same Thing?

While they may sound like something completely different, a hose bib and a spigot are the exact same thing. You may be surprised to learn that these unassuming but crucial faucets outside of your home, other buildings, and appliances actually have a few names. They are also called hose bibbs, sill cocks (or sillcock), hose cock, hose faucet, and outdoor spigot. Some of these terms are more dated, such as sill cocks, and others, such as hose bibb, are preferred for plumbers and building code language.     

What Kind of Hose Bibs Are There?

When you think of hose bibbs, you may think that there’s only one type, and that’s on the outside of your home. In fact, there are five different types of hose bibs, and not all of them are outdoor faucets, as mentioned in the previous FAQ. Some hose bibs are on items in your home, like a water heater that allows you to drain your hot water tank for regular maintenance quickly.

Outside of your home, you can expect to have either a frost-free hose bib that helps to protect it during cold weather or a non-frost-free hose bib. You may wonder what type is attached to your home, and often, it all has to do with age and where you live. Newer homes are usually equipped with frost-free hose bibs to help protect them from cold weather, especially in areas where cold weather hits. Non-frost-free hose bibs are often on older homes, even in areas where the weather can turn wickedly cold. If your home has a non-frost-free hose bib, you’ll need to winterize your hose bib to prevent freeze damage. Hot water heaters can have different types of hose bibs, such as round plastic hose bibs and knobbed hose bibs. A round plastic hose bib is made of plastic and easy to work with using your hand. A knobbed hose bib is made of metal and requires a pipe wrench to turn it. Finally, the loose key hose bibs that the homeowner can take the key off it that keep the spigot from being used without permission.

How Do You Turn Off Hose Bibs for Winter?

If you live in an area where winter weather is a concern for freezing, it can be helpful to know how to turn off your hose bib for the winter months. Did you know that it only takes about 6 hours for a pipe to freeze when exposed to freezing temperatures? Follow these steps to protect your exterior hose bibs:     

  • Remove any attachments to your hose bib. That means putting away your hose and any splitters you may have on it.

  • Identify the indoor water shut-off valve for the hose bib. You’ll want to turn it off inside.

  • Once that’s completed, turn on the outdoor faucet and let the remaining water in the line drain. Leave it open for another minute or so after the water has drained to ensure that it’s completely empty.

  • Turn off the faucet.

  • Repeat these steps for all of your outdoor faucets.

  • Voila, you’ve successfully turned off the water to your outdoor spigot.

Keep in mind, if you’re planning on going on vacation during the winter, you may need to not only drain the water from your outdoor spigots but from your entire house to prevent coming home to a big mess. You’ll follow the same steps to drain the water from the other pipes in your home.

You may even find it helpful if you’re going out of town or turning off your hose bib for other reasons.

Contact an Experienced Faucet Replacement Company Near You

Jolly Plumbing is your local plumbing and heating company. We promise to offer you upstanding customer service, experienced workers, and a job done right the first time. We offer affordable plumbing services to both residential and commercial sites, so no matter the size of your job, we can handle it. Contact Jolly Plumbing today at 719-473-8545 for any of your plumbing problems.

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